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Pretty good Sattire on this one... I remember seeing your voice recruiting post for this, and THIS IS THE END RESULT!?! I can say this: Well done!

Spaceballs, Anyone?

Ding Ding... Ding Ding DING ding. Ding.... Ding ding DING DING!!! (Translation, you're movies are so great, keep up the GOOD WORK!)

Keep Up the good work, Dude!

I loved Skits 5, 7, and 9! Can't wait for your next submission, Maybe more Dumbass Episodes?

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A Good Game, for Most Part..

The only things I would Tweak would be the Following:

1, to Lengthen the time before the first wave comes in so we have time to set up our first line of Defense;

2, I noticed too that looking at the Stats for upgrading certain Aspects of each weapon, specifically the Reload Time, didn't see a change in the Second-to-last and Last Levels of Upgrade, which makes me feel guilty that I spent the money to upgrade it, but I don't see it, so it seems like that needs to be tweaked.

3, may I suggest instead of an Attack Level for the Ninji, maybe have a Time stat which determines how long they stay attached to the Marios? I think it would make them more useful, in my Opinion.

Otherwise, a sound game, but it needs to be Polished a little bit to make it greater.


A very good and Funny Concept, but I Felt It was too Short. I maybe just an Echo when I say that We Want More!!! as in More Levels, More Dinosaurs, and More Action... the Boss was too easy the second time trying it, but the Rest was good! Keep it up!

I noticed a couple of glitches

I noticed when you are big mario and Hit a block for a Fire Flower, but you were then hit by an enemy and turned into mini mario, and the Fireflower is still there. If you touch the Fireflower as Minimario, Shouldn't you automatically turn into Fire Mario instead of just BIg Mario, because that is what happens when i touch a Fireflower as Mini Mario....

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Where to begin... The best Pirate inspired song I have ever heard on Newgrounds! The instruments were perfect, the breakdowns and buildups were great! Everything else I can't even express into words how great this is! Bravissimo, Sir or Madam (forgive me)

Indigorain responds:

Haha, that would be Sir! And no apologies needed!
Thanks a lot for the kind words, Sir, I really appreciate it!

It's a shame I sold my PS2 and this game...

A very moving interpretation in 3 parts: The Intro sounds at first like the Title Screen version for KH2, and then I love the Climax, reminds me of the reunion of Sora and Rikku... sad times...

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Jabicho responds:

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked it!

This a good rendition....

But I noticed that compared to the original, you're forgetting a few parts of the song, IE from :47-1:05, and 1:15-End, I didn't hear the instruments for the main parts.... otherwise a good song...

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The Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future!!!

This is acutally my first review on the Art Portal! Very well done piece you have here, Keep it up!

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Greetings, Newgrounders! I am Millaninja! An aspiring voice actor, I seek to broaden my range while having fun recording!

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